True to its meaning, the 3D Guild is an association of people for people, devoid of any corporate influence or pressure.

Guild? This concept goes back to medieval times and denotes an association of craftsmen and merchants with similar interests and pursuits. Guilds project professionalism, strength, determination, pride, and respect.

3D? The scope of the association mainly comprises the sensing, creation, processing, and visualization/output of 3D signals and data, in all of their aspects, applications, and forms. The aspects include those of science, engineering, technology, art, and business. The applications include entertainment, inspection, robotics, medicine, remote sensing, space, and defense. The forms include stereoscopy, multi-view, holography, sound/audio, ranging, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR).

We chose the short, powerful, and easy-to-remember mission statement "All for 3D", complemented by a precise set of missions.

Because of the presence of 3D through multiple and varied application areas, the activities of the 3D Guild are organized by domains. The 3D Guild initially develops the domains of entertainment and research. Entertainment includes cinema, broadcast, videogames, virtual reality, and augmented reality. Research is transversal and cuts across all of 3D.

The 3D Guild recognizes the achievements of the best craftsmen of 3D by giving them - personally - prestigious awards.

The concept of the 3D Guild was born in Europe, but the 3D association welcomes members from all over the world.