The 3D Guild is proud to have created, right from its inception, a brand-new award, destined to recognize and honor the very best contributions in the field of 3D, and fittingly called the 3D Guild Award, shown below.

3D Guild Award

This award was conceived and realized by the young Belgian designer Mr Thien Vo. We'll let your imagination tell you how this award relates to 3D!

Not surprisingly, many of these awards will concern the best stereoscopic 3D (S-3D) contents.

The first series of 3D Guild Awards was given out on 17 Dec 2015, in Li├Ęge, Belgium, during the Awards ceremony of the international 3D Stereo MEDIA event.

Winners 2015

Presentation video of the 3D Guild Award

This video has been done by Bruno Capranzano, Member of the 3D Guild