Tibor Balogh

Mr Tibor Balogh


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Tibor Balogh, CEO and Founder of Holografika, has extensive experience in the field of holography and optical engineering. Today he is responsible for the overall management of his company, supervises the work of the research and development team and forms the overall business strategy. He was awarded the Joseph Petzval medal, the Kalmár prize and the Dennis Gabor Award for his work, was World Technology Award finalist in 2006. He holds several patents on the topic.

Services in 3D

Manufacturer of HoloVizio 3D light-field displays: from desktop to large-scale 3D visualiation. Development of real-time 3D software, LF content production tools, event rental.

Professional background

He graduated as an electric engineer from the Technical University of Budapest and worked for SZKI. Later, he was an assistant professor at the Eotvos Lorand University.

Categories of occupation

Scientist; Business(wo)man.

Sectors of activity

Information technology; Equipment.