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Dr Yong Liu

The University of Auckland, New Zealand

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My PhD thesis, The “Positive Parallax”: Narrative, Spectacle and the “Aesthetics of Recession” in Digital 3D Cinema, is focused on the analysis of stereoscopic 3D ontology and its cinematic aesthetics and narrative. My research paper “An Oval Sphere vs. A Flat Canvas” was presented in the 5th International 3D Summit (IC3D Conference) organized by 3D Stereo Media in Liege, Belgium (December 3-6 2013) and published by IEEE Xplore Digital Library. DOI: 10.1109/IC3D.2013.6732074.

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3D ontological and aesthetic research, with a focus on the narrative enhancement of digital stereoscopic technology.

Professional background

Broadcasting and Filmmaking in China and the US 3D and Trans-media Research and Practice in New Zealand Media Instruction in China and New Zealand

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