Jacques Verly

Prof. Jacques G. Verly

University of Li├Ęge

Link to 3D

Pioneering work at MIT since 1984 in 3D image processing & understanding for range images from world's first ground-based & airborne laser radars. Author of over 300 publications, many linked to 3D. Instigator and co-organizer of 3D Stereo MEDIA, a world's leading 3D event. Instigator of International Conference on 3D Imaging. President of European Committee of Advanced Imaging Society (Hollywood). Co-instigator and president of 3D Guild. Passion for 3D for over 30 years.

Services in 3D

R&D, consulting, creation of events.

Professional background

Full professor of electrical engineering and computer science, Vice-Dean of School of Engineering, Electrical & electronics engineer, Creator of 3D events, Entrepreneur.

Categories of occupation

Professor; Engineer.

Sectors of activity

Education; Research.