Nick Holliman

Prof. Nick S Holliman

University of Newcastle

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I research the theory, human factors and applications of binocular display systems. In particular I work to ensure stereoscopic methods are developed that are informed by the latest understanding of human vision and visual cognition.

To test these techniques I have produced a number of short 3D films that are available in the public domain, you can preview them here:

Services in 3D

I developed a range of camera control methods including publishing (perhaps) the first multi-rig stereoscopic camera method. These have been used to produce short a range of films.

Professional background

Professor of Visualization at the Univ. of Newcastle (UK), I was previously Professor of Interactive Media at the Univ. of York (UK) and prior to that was at Durham University.

Categories of occupation

Researcher; Stereographer.

Sectors of activity

Research; Education.