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I was introduced to 3D in 2007, when I coordinated the exibitions for Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute. in 2008 I saw the Film U23D at the SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles. While working for Fraunhofer HHI until today I got an inside to all different parts of (Stereo) 3D Research.
I'm responsible for the Relationship Management of Fraunhofer HHIs Video Division and serve as the Executive Manager of the 3IT in Berlin.

Founding member of the 3D Guild.

Services in 3D

Since 2011 I'm Executive Manager of the 3D Innovation Center, now under the new name 3IT - Innovation Center for Immersive Imaging Techologies.

Professional background

Building strong relationships with professionals in the 3D world as well as in the whole Immersive Imaging Technology area. Creator of 3D Events

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Research; Information technology.