The 3D Guild was conceived to ultimately embrace all aspects and all applications of all forms of 3D.
Therefore, if you or your company are involved in anyway in 3D, the 3D Guild should be of considerable interest to you!
By becoming a sponsor of the 3D Guild,

  • you demonstrate to the actors of 3D worldwide that you are, not only active in 3D, but fully confident in the extraordinary potential of 3D in any number of different contexts;
  • you contribute to helping the 3D Guild to increase progressively the services it offers to its members;
  • you contribute to promote 3D throughout the world, thereby perhaps increasing the value of your own business in 3D.

We expect more and more people to visit our site, and perhaps to join as members, thereby providing significant exposure to your banner (as described below).



1. Banners

Our sponsoring packages offer you the possibility to post a commercial banner (of size 1140x200 mm) on the homepage of our website, allowing you to exhibit your products and/or services for a specified length of time.
There will be at most four (4) commercial banners at a time to ensure an excellent visibility for each current sponsor. 


One month175 EUR (+VAT)
One quarter400 EUR (+VAT)
One semester600 EUR (+VAT)
One year1.000 EUR (+VAT)

Please, note that we will accept sponsors on a first-come, first-served basis.

2. SILVER and GOLD Packages

See here the advantages and costs of these new packages which are given to you a maximum of visibility.



Alain Gallez

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